you and cigarettes; raining

and now, to me, you're just
a cigarette in the rain
one more thing every fine soul
wants and wastes a few days
trying at, but sooner
or later you find, as soon
as later it seems you
just can't bother with so
many silly dreams.

so you mosey on,
a cyclone of dreams
learned invalid and wants
gone unanswered but
only because they're
so impossible to
see through.

and like anything else
you watch and wander
wait and stride
(hoping to put out the sun)
or just as much

a fool's city

where every drop is
destined to land
exactly where it shouldn't
and you know why-

you're a cigarette in the rain
to me now

fine but fading as fast
as experience sets in.

2008-01-23 | 8:30 a.m.
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