where you'll find me

sometimes it's only the weather
that says what you really mean
that brings across the gist of your day
and turns it out for all to see
and tinker with

finds quiet days spent walking
long, lounging walks across parklands
and through tree-lined avenues
and somehow hasn't anything to say
but the sun shines
and you know how
it feels to be me just then

finds easy afternoons
laying in the grass
and watching the sky
turn and bend and
when the clouds waltz by
you know me better
that you ever could from

gets rascal evenings, hustle walks
and traffic-rides through town
one errand to another and
back again, drop off here
pick up there, leave a note
dial a number, leave voicemail
and the rain comes
and chaos cleans the streets:
this is who i am some days

leaves work to be done
till tomorrow and sighs
away a day listening to
old records and laughing
and dancing
and the wind blows
and i am somewhere
inside of it where
the weather tells you
secrets about me.

like it always has
like it always will
like everything that comes
and flutters cheats my
mysteries and opens
the book of answers.

2008-02-13 | 10:08 a.m.
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