this is your cruel world.

today is moving like a ben harper record. welcome to the cruel world. there are so few ways left to understand each other.

i am ready for softer lights, longer pastures and quiet, cool evenings with walks strewn about like histories.

sometimes, it's like everyone everywhere is rushing off to nowhere at all and i am here, resting. slowly. softly. thinking about all of the best things going on right now: some strange couple having kinky sex in southern california, wine drinkers in the north, oregon tea farmers, weeds growing over anything anywhere, mid-western nights, new york.

it's all eating itself away sometimes.

i'm trying to stop the feeling. i don't need to stop it, but it's a good excercise. today is weak with the words, i know.

i am wrapping it up in glances at passers-by and mailmen. there are so many things to see and all of them are worth smiling over. and crying over. at once.

this is your cruel world.

i am the time passing you by.

let's go on waking beneath the same sky.

2005-07-12 | 11:57 a.m.
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