lullaby for lullabys

from the bottom of the bottom of the mind reaching out comes the sounds that make the furthest lights dim that churn the slightest aches into throbs and that's what traps the days that's what traps the way out of time and into the same cold life built only of combinations first cooked out cranked out in the sun that first came into being in the deepest cores of the sun and
somehow i feel like that where the music comes from that's where the sweet sounds of walks down streets or talks with neighbors and lovesongs and lovesongs and lovesongs and slave songs and heartbreak anthems and every other twisted premise in the muck and shot out into the sky
like singing to the stars
like playing a lullaby for the wind to the wind about the wind and no one else need know need hear need be there for it just to live and slide across the wind that throws hair into head dances and leans the rain on it's side:

"we are here!" it screams and that doesn't amount to much doesn't count too much but there it is there we are here we are and singing still wide as amazons and cool as james dean sometimes...

2008-03-19 | 2:07 p.m.
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