okay okay okay so i'm addicted to these goddamn quizzes. i can stop anytime i want, though i swear

Which Trainspotting Character Are You?

:: how jedi are you? ::

I'm a Freak!

How much of a freak are you?

you have an ominosity quotient of


you are as ominous as ominous can be. we salute you.


find out your ominosity quotient.

Which Animaniacs Character are You?

You have megalomaniacal impulses regularly. That's not necessarily a bad thing, however, as you have the cranial capacity of a small planet. Trying to take over the world is hard work, though, and you're not above exploiting your lessers. Even now, you have a plan that's being enacted which will pitch the world's economy into turmoil, leaving the floodgates of trade exposed for the sole owner of stock in the Pets.com company! You are en route to taking over the world!

Oh, and you ARE pondering what I'm pondering.

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I am Thursday's Child

What day are you?

I'm a Twinkie!

What Snack Food are YOU? Click here to find out!

Foolish Games
Which Jewel song are you most like? Find out!

amazing race

You Should Be On The Amazing Race!

You're adept, swift, and great at almost any game.
Pair this with your love for world culture, and you make
the perfect Amazing Race contestant. Ready, set, go!

What Reality TV Show Should You Be On? Click Here to Find Out!

You Are A Serum!!

Take the What Type Of Goth

Potion Are You? Quiz!

This quiz was created by Kara

A BLUE Dragon Lies Beneath!

I took the Inner Dragon online quiz and found out I am a Blue Dragon on the inside. If there ever was a draconic example of a supple attitude, my Inner Dragon is it. Blues are the Water Elemental dragon - typified by their Steam breath weapon. Pretty creative, huh? It goes right along with my Inner Dragon's tendency to maim, but not destroy. Much like my native oceans and rivers will deform the rock over time, eventually wearing it away to nothing.

Humans shouldn't make the mistake of thinking I'm weak, however. After all I'm a good 30 feet in length and have a penchant for materializing out of any body of water, no matter how small. I also enjoy communicating with aquatic life-forms, hunting in totally inhospitable terrain (i.e. 3000 feet below the waves), and using my fluid nature to my advantage. My enemies probably won't even see me approach in the first place. My favorable attributes are the sunset, Autumn, water, compassion, intuition, and calmness. Naturally, I pity the fool who'd try and prove that calmness part, he'd probably wind up being scalded. *small grin*

How Does *Your* Dick Rate?

Your Sex Life's Incredible!

You have sex more than Madonna,
And you always come!
Find the nearest warm body,
And fuck until you're numb!

How Does *Your* Sex Life Compare? Click Here to Find Out!

What's *Your* Sex Sign?
intense kisser

You Are An Intense Kisser!

Deep tounging, nibbling, and locking lips for hours are on your agenda.
You've been known to wear lovers out with your kiss,
before getting to anything else on the menu.
And given that you kiss so well... imagine how you do everything else.

How Do *You* Kiss?
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You are the good ol' thumb! You are the family one, the one who not necessarily everyone loves but the one who everyone can't live without. Always willing to lend a hand or comfort a friend when they need it.
Which finger are you?
Take the quiz to find out.

I enjoy doing the shakie dance. And you?
div align="center">
STAY AWAY I HATE YOU ... What are you?
Hula Hoop

This quiz says absolutely nothing about your personality. Take it!

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upside down 69

Your Sex Position is Upside Down 69

Daring. Dangerous. And oh so tasty.
You go crazy when you go south -
And you love getting it in the mouth.

What's Your Sex Position?
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Who are you?
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You are a muse.
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pussy sucker

You Are A Pussy Sucker!

It's not too hard
To teach a boy to fuck
But if you want good oral,
This gives better suck

What Sex Toy Are *You*?
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