fables (for m-)

One world earns enders over makers
and one world, this one,
means more than march of dimes
and you choose, there with the lost and withered parts of flowers
to be among the seashells and war-skins of tired monsters
drinking in stares from broken saints
that passed Augustine on the way to where he came from
bending down for any pretty stare.
Iíve watched you waste away
a miracle in the morning once
but now, left loosely in the cellar of human disdain
a thought cast aside for itís ease
a cell with no need of locks
(youíve forgotten there is an ďoutsideĒ)
But once, along the fragrance of your neck
was a patch of perfect skin
the pulled free when you smiled
and ran so high above the earth
that every voice rose in a choiral thunder
Now, you are one long strip mall
and the wrecking ball is on itís way.
you, once the pride of hoards
the life of ageless charm, it turns out you
threw ashes to the wind
and now even your face is disappearing.

2004-10-22 | 10:47 a.m.
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