how far we've come

how far have we come? beyond the benders and flowers and shakers and dancers beneath the moon (where every urge is quenched) and maybe somehow that's far enough.

but i don't really want far enough. i want bounding out of movie theaters into daylight i want great flaring poses while we try to pull the light back into our understanding i want long sighs stretched out over clover leafs and smiles that keep falling keep falling into the sea and charging back out like a new breed of joy. i want great long cathedral halls to be transported and taken into the custody of everyone who will only be using them for dancing and singing out to the sky in sadness in joy in opening in every which way and type and sense of those that be.

i need you now. all of you.

i need seas of flying cars and sound systems that share the sky with all of us that break free and down the outer edge of coming home and coming home is really really is what we're all after, isn't it?

then, scouring the earth we can say what we always meant do what we always wanted: become the days we imagined (dreams as prophecy) with always outward arms stretched and singing arms that sing arms that cry you know the way i can see it in you i can hear it in your voice i can tell you want what i want sometimes i know it's coming out and crying:

roadmaps unfolding and turns taken twice as fast as recommended by authorities and this is the song i am singing this is the tide i'm trying to bring into focus.

let's find the ebb of where we are and pull it in crank it out and drop the middle from the end all loud shouts and words longsince left unsaid but shimmied out in song but shimmied out in song and those are the songs i want to hear.

how far have we've come matters less than how far we're going.

2008-03-13 | 11:40 a.m.
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