the itunes truth

I found this little quiz somewhere and thought it'd be fun. It's about quizzing your itunes. here it is:

(Note: I would very much like to see others' answers on this)

Total length?

67532 songs, 221.9 days

First and last songs (by title)

First: "A-L-L-Y-S-O-N" - Jonah Matranga
Last: " ) " - Sufjan Stevens

Sort by time - shortest and longest

Shortest: - "Untitled Red A 2" - Aphex Twin (0:01)
Longest: "Home" - Paul Oakenfold (2:00:51)

(does anyone else find it interesting that electronic music occupies both answers here?)

Sort by Album - first and last

Bring it on Home - Aaron Neville
20 Years of Dischord - Dischord Records

Sort by Artist - first and last

Aaron Neville

Top five played songs

(Note: I've had to entirely reset my itunes on a number of occasions, so this is more less accurate for the last 6 months or so, as long as you account for the shuffle function)

"Lover's Spit" - Broken Social Scene
"Bo'ee" - The Idan Raichel Project
"Reckoner" - Radiohead
"Drop Dead Don't Blink" - Shudder to Think
"Red Vines" - Aimee Mann

Find the following words. How many songs show up?

Sex: 354
Death: 353 (Someone could suggest this means something. Is it odd that I have almost the same number under "sex" as under "death". Who knows?)
Love: 3188 (This seems like a whole lot to me.)
You: 6917
Home: 958
Boy: 1327
Girl: 1023

(apparently, "you" wins.)

First five songs that come up on Party Shuffle

(Note: i've never used this feature. it was neat to see what it came up with.)

"Anna Begins" - Counting Crows
"They'll only miss you when you leave" - Carissa's Wierd
"Mutes in the Steeple" - Archers of Loaf
"The Final Push to the Sum" - Grandaddy
"From Every Sphere" - Ed Harcourt

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