surely something comes

find low drops clouds into you drops skies the size of cities into you and i so slow and taken watch waiting for the magic to come into me too waiting for the sun to shine on anything else the way it shines on you the way it slides with you and how finely the world wages it's way for you (onward upward outward alive)

so we (engaging only slightly in sentimentality) walk unworried through the waves of leaves dead and falling where the hot sun used to melt away at us and think how strangely things come together like you and me like this and now like anything anywhere that comes alive and fires right at you (reverse suicide) and opens us up

how we try so hard for mornings to mean more

and sometimes they do.


these early stretches into the day come so easily sometimes they just flutter right by like butterflies like everything fine and sweet we try we try each one of us to only be and see

(no seer and nothing seen)

just mornings noons and nights and everything else is just distance traveled just distance travelled just space covered roads walked streets surveyed we are only hours now, aren't we?

but let's take time (in any world we come upon) to rest our eyes from the sun rest our arms from the weight of moments filled with so much pressure so much anticipation but more is nothing at all

just anxious overeager like mouths on mouths and undone like jeans and everytime we smile we lie a little bit the better part of us

we're early enough for everyone

so it's easy to see why easy to figure how the moments move and shift into and out of anything we want how we interact so much like space clowns bouncing down and off each other hardly ever touching just crashing right across each other when really every moment is magic -

and so are we so are we so are we so

2006-07-30 | 5:02 p.m.
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