yasmin the light

old orange and blue again. This one turns and runs like so many turns colors over faster than seasons do: this one a yellow leaf shining beneath starlight.
Turning around this little shelf that holds the insides of a soul written down written off and handed down or can be ten generations from now (more intense than madness are the words).
So blankly, a step forward a foot comes free from the sound of engines running and radios blasting rocket ships are coming down again- like everything used to be.
But inside, around the outside, a little thing takes place, a kind of decomposition made mostly of old books and stories I told than used to mean something and now I see how clearly they were just footsteps on the way footsteps on the way to wherever it is that I am.
Old orange and blue again, Iíve got star-songs dripping out of my gut, and itís been here, built so long for you and coming.

2004-10-22 | 11:34 a.m.
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