ides of march

oh ides of march,
why do you haunt me?
why do you keep on
chasing me down
through windstorms
and false trails i left
you to follow.

oh you keep coming
keep on gaining on me
turning channels inside
of me until i see you
over and over, the
carrier of bloodied knife
arms and traitors to
smile lives.

i've spent too many
dreams running from
you, too many lives
just hustling off
and hoping you'll
grow tired and
find some other way
to be.

but you don't.

then it leads here:
me on bent knees
asking you to go
asking you to let
me forget and maybe
then you'll be
more about dry eyes
and laughter
maybe then, you'll
be more for
dancers and lovers
than betrayals
maybe then you'll
be more for
parties and glasses lifted
than the tragedy cycle
that eats at all of us.

oh ides of march,
you'll be the death of days
and i'll try to laugh
through it
i'll try to jest it all away.

ideas of march
you broke my heart
ides of march
you turned me out

just let me go, now.
just let me be.

2008-03-15 | 12:05 p.m.
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