your wholesome quiet mountain looks

i like it when you begin as gentle fires with your wholesome quiet mountain looks and fancy free footwork, a pitter patter through parade lines and the undoing of rope lines that give the drunken dancers a new foothold in the rising tide of happiness.

i like it when your mornings are slow stands in open areas and laughs about details lost long ago in the wind where you have let yourself flutter, where you have let yourself fall open and be the growing coming way of those days which grin their own ways out and in.

it's more for me when you're there like that and home is anywhere you are home is where ever you are at any given moment and the home is you the home is you- you are the bricks that lead the cold stones home.

and it's greater still if you just keep on changing like clothes on full days or winds that never cared, and all the changing is the wave you ride: you the free lance laughs on the wind, unchanging, always new.

so it's maybe more and maybe best if days like this you're just turning in and turning out like some hard life that bent away from you and closed in all the tired eyesore days so they could be turned to dust so they could go the way of dinosaurs and sundials.

but you, like this, and more is everything.

2008-03-15 | 12:30 p.m.
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