a stock deal or a song

on the road, a second that went by filled me with such need a floral arrangement of hope and trend-less-ness. I was watching the other motorists, pulling to full stops at intersections and listening carefully (a silence inside my own car) to hear the sounds bursting forth from their car, a rolling over of sounds, hip-hop, reggae, nu-metal (whatever this weak moniker means). Watching heads bob and hands dance fingers making tango motions on steering wheels and thinking about what they’re thinking about. What are they thinking about?
My favorite then, just then, was the ones where I couldn’t hear any sounds of music at all, nor see any sign of cell phone and still could see the moving of lips: I tried for the here and there (the length of stop lights) to watch them, to watch their lips move and try to decipher how, just how exactly or what they were moving their lips to (a stock deal or a song) and see if maybe they were mouthing something that meant something to me and sometimes they were, singing lightly to themselves or perhaps to the soft-playing radio or disc-player some little sublime ditty or some bob Marley tune some age old television song or a little teen punk singing debby harry and other times, they didn’t seem to be saying or singing anything at all.
Some moments you live for. The trouble is that most of us don’t recognize them when they’re happening.

2004-10-22 | 11:23 a.m.
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