either way, today

either way, today. here and sitting. a bit of precum on the end of my dick. can't say why. i'm pressing through stacks of work. it's ben harper again today. these are good morning sounds. so i'll dazzle at work through by my sides and welcomes to the cruel world. i am at home here. getting things done but keeping a little bouncing head nod in time with the music. these are easy days, often full.

either way, today. I'm laughing about something someone said and i find myself latched onto some insignificant detail. sometimes this work is like watching walls stay in place and sometimes that's how i like it.

either way, today. It's misting rain out, the sidewalks and trees and rocks just barely coated with that dark shadow that acts as rain's calling card. I am the rainsongs today. still. gentle. unfolding into the day.

either way, today. there'll be calls to make and numbers to dial. emails to return, but the day is mine already. some days just belong to you and today is one of those. morning dew has nothing on me but sweetly cold toes and fingertips. this is a day for walks.

either way, today. the day is already making promises, but i'm not bothered if it backs them down. there are too many promises already broken. there's the sense that everyone is, somehow, a broken promise. but today is mine. today is tea and spreadsheets on desks. today is good songs and upper body dancing in my chair.

today i am forever.

2008-03-14 | 9:45 a.m.
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